Technology Staff

Kim Arrington
Technology Coordinator
(205) 280-2828

Nic Cardwell
Network Systems Administrator
(205) 280-2910

Zach Evetts
Technology Specialist I
(205) 280-2929

Brandon Bartelmann
Technology Specialist I
(205) 280-2909

Please see your school Technology Coordinator for your technical needs. They will complete an Online Work Ticket, that our technicians will use to schedule and work on school issues.

School Technology Coordinators:

CES - 

CIS - Sonya Nance

CMS - Casey Meank

CCHS - Kelli Inman

CT - Jason Sosa

IHS - Jared Day/Chris Turner

JES - Beverly Wyatt

JHS - Brooke Elliott/Ronnie Holsombeck

JIS - Katie Maddox

JMS - Shonda Copen


THS - Jennifer Curry

VHS - Leslee Deavers
Female Coordinator

Kim Arrington - Technology Coordinator