Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Department of Teaching and Learning!
Our department is responsible for curriculum, assessments, professional development, student services, and federal programs.  Our goal is to ensure that all educators are well-prepared, effective educators who are meeting the needs of the students in our district.  

 Every Child a Graduate.  Every Graduate Prepared...
The mission of the Chilton County School System is to provide a safe environment for challenging educational experiences which enables all students to succeed to their individual potential. This is a shared commitment of the students, parents, educators, and community members.  

Alabama Literacy Act Information

In 2019, the Alabama legislature passed the Alabama Literacy Act.   The Alabama Literacy Act was established to improve the reading proficiency of public school kindergarten through 3rd grade students and ensure that those students are able to read at or above grade level by the end of the 3rd grade.  The law states that all 3rd grade students shall demonstrate sufficient reading skills for promotion to 4th grade, beginning with the 2023-2024 school year.

To learn more about the Alabama Literacy Act, click the links below:

Alabama Literacy Act Full Text

Frequently Asked Questions

Alabama Literacy Act Information

Chilton County Plan for Alabama Literacy Act Implementation

The Alabama Family Guide for Student Reading Success

ALSDE Parent Resources

Read with your School-age child

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Ashlie Harrison 
Executive Director
Teaching and Learning

Female Coordinator

Laura Baker
Coordinator of Secondary Instruction
Prevention and Support Services

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Krisi Parrish
Coordinator of Elementary Instruction

Student Assessment

Student Assessment is responsible for the coordination, delivery, and implementation of state assessments.  Our goal is to improve academic achievement for all Chilton County students.

ACT WorkKeys
WorkKeys is a job skills assessment that helps employers select, hire, train, develop and retain a high-performance workforce.

ACCESS for ELs 2.0
ACCESS for ELs is an English proficiency assessment for students in Grades K-12 who are classified as English learners (ELs). ACCESS results can be used to enhance instruction and learning for English learners.

ACT Plus Writing
The ACT college readiness assessment which includes an optional Writing Test is used as a college admissions and placement test and measures the skills needed for first year college success. The ACT is administered to all eleventh grade students enrolled in a Chilton County public high school.

Alabama Alternate Assessment
Alabama Alternate Assessment is administered to students with significant cognitive disabilities working on the Alabama Extended Standards in the areas of reading, English language arts, mathematics and science.

The Pre ACT is a multiple-choice assessment that offers tenth graders early experience with ACT test items, provides predictive ACT test scores and offers information to start their path to college and career readiness.

Professional Development

Standards for Professional Learning outline the characteristics of professional learning that leads to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results.
Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students occurs within learning communities committed to continuous improvement, collective responsibility, and goal alignment.
Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students requires skillful leaders who develop capacity, advocate, and create support systems for professional learning.
Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students requires prioritizing, monitoring, and coordinating resources for educator learning.
Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students uses a variety of sources and types of student, educator, and system data to plan, assess, and evaluate professional learning.
Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students integrates theories, research, and models of human learning to achieve its intended outcomes.
Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students applies research on change and sustains support for implementation of professional learning for long term change.
Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students aligns its outcomes with educator performance and student curriculum standards.
Female Director

Dr. Tatshum Nichelle Johnson Professional Development

Professional Development FAQ

1. When does a Professional Development (PD) Form need be completed?
A PD Form should be completed by certified personnel who have been approved by the principal to be absent from his/her assigned classroom to participate in a professional learning session/workshop.

2.  How is my absence from the classroom, for PD purposes, documented by the local payroll personnel?
(Please read the attached State Auditor's Guidelines for Professional Development.) Per state auditors: After attending a workshop, proof of attendance (agenda, and/or certificate of hours) must be submitted to the local school payroll personnel and attached to the PD form. It is the responsibility of the person requesting/ attending professional development to submit all forms to the person responsible for completing payroll at your school.

3.  How will I know if my PD form has been approved?
After a PD form has been processed and approved a confirmation email is automatically to the email included on the electronic form. (See the local school administrator for approved PD procedures.)

4.  Can an approved PD form be adjusted to show a new person for a workshop?
No, each educator must submit a PD form for approval to attend a PD session/workshop.

5.  Can the date for a training session/workshop be changed after it has been approved?
Yes, only if the session date was changed due to a state or district schedule change or increment weather. The person responsible for submitting the form will have to request the date change. The date change on the form will have to be approved and documented by the Education Office. A copy will be forwarded to the local school to reflect the change.

6.  What are the procedures to have a PD form approved to go out of state?
Board approval is recommended for out of state travel. (Follow procedures to submit the PD form to the Education office.)

7.  Will a PD form be approved by the Education Office if it is sent to the principal at least 7 days prior to the event; but, the PD form does not make it to Central Office at least 7 days prior to the event?
No, according to Board Policy, Professional Development Forms and meeting/workshop information must be submitted to the Chilton County Board of Education at least seven (7) days prior to the date of attendance.

8.  Who is responsible for ensuring that PD forms are submitted to Central Office at least 7 days prior to an event?
The person requesting professional development leave is responsible for completing and turning in forms at least 7 days prior to attending an event and all documents required after attending a professional development session.

9.  When a PD form is approved for a substitute, who is responsible for scheduling & notifying the substitute?
The person who submitted the form for approval is responsible for contacting, scheduling, and communicating with substitutes.

10.  Can a PD form be submitted for approval to document a workday away from the local school?
No, PD forms should only be completed and submitted to the Education Office for professional development. (Include work assignments on your weekly schedule and follow local school procedures to leave campus for off campus work sessions and other events. Sign out and sign in as required at local schools.)

11.  How many hours of PD are necessary to renew a teacher certificate?
See ALSDE Certification Guidelines

12.  Do faculty meetings count as PD?
No, not if it's a general faculty meeting.

13.  What is the minimum number of hours I should log into PowerSchool PD each year?
It is recommended that a minimum of 12 hours be logged in each year. However, you will have to monitor your PD transcript. Renewing your certificate is your responsibility.

14.  How do I enroll in a Professional Development Session?
All certified educators who are employed as certified personnel are required to enroll in sessions while the sessions are open for enrollment. (Do not attempt to enroll by submitting an online enrollment approval request. On-line enrollment requests will be denied.) If a session is not available for enrollment, then you may enter the session information in the “Pending Training History” and contact the local school STI PD Designee for approval. {Pending training requests will be deleted if documentation is not provided and/or they are not approved within 3 days of being entered.}

15.  What are the procedures to have professional development approved in PowerSchool?
It is recommended that the PowerSchool PD Course and Section Number be used to enroll for a PD session. Click on the Title and then click Enroll. If there is not an option to enroll in a workshop using a STI PD title number, you may enter the information for the workshop in the “pending training history” to receive credit. The following steps are required: (1) enter the required documentation (including some notes about the training) in the pending training history; (2) communicate with the local STI PD Designee at the local school to have the pending training approved; (3) provide the STI PD Designee with a copy of your PD certificate to verify attendance to the session and hours earned for attending the session. {Pending training requests will be deleted if documentation is not provided and/or they are not approved within 3 days of being entered.}

16.  Who is available at the local school to help me with PowerSchool PD enrollment, PD credit, and general PD questions?
Communicate with your principal or assistant principal regarding local PD procedures for your school. Each school has an STI-PD Designee who has been assigned rights by the principal to assist with verifying PD credits and/or creating local PD sessions. The STI-PD Designee is available to assist with your PD needs. If you still have questions after you have spoken with the PD designee and the principal, you may contact the PD Director, Nichelle Bulger-Johnson, at nbulger@chilton.k12.al.us.

17.  How can PD credit be approved if participants do not receive a certificate of attendance?
In order to approve any PD training, a certificate of attendance or a copy of the sign-in sheet is required. Without a copy of the certificate or the sign-in sheet, the facilitator who created the training session has the right to use the sign-in sheet to award credit to participants. Most training sessions are usually available in STI PD for registration. If not, you may consider contacting the training facilitator to send you a certificate for attending or to approve the credit hours for you in STI PD.

18.  Are certified teachers who are employed in non-certified positions eligible to earn PD credit hours?
CEUs and PD credit hours may only be approved in STI PD for certified personnel. However, if the principal approves, certified teachers employed in non-certified positions may attend training sessions after school. The session instructor may provide certificates of attendance for attending the sessions. The certificates may be used for renewal if the sessions qualify as PD.

19.  How can certified teachers earn additional PD credit hours?
Communicate with your principal regarding local school PD opportunities that are approved for PD credit hours. • If you participate in regional, state, or other workshops, enroll in STI PD for credit. If enrollment is not available in STI PD, enter the information in STI PD for approval and submit a copy of your certificate of attendance to the local STI PD Designee for approval. • PD opportunities with eLearning are provided by the ALSDE. The link for eLearning is http://elearning.alsde.edu • If you are a member of AEA, communicate with AEA about the PD opportunities offered to active AEA members.

20.  If college courses are completed, how many hours or CEUs are credited for the classes?
If you want to use coursework to renew your certificate, an official copy of your transcript must be provided to the Education Office. More information is available at www.alsde.edu/certificationforms

21.  Can I count just any college classes toward renewing my certificate?
See the ALSDE Certification renewal requirements

22.  I am a new employee in Chilton County. What are the procedures to have PD credit hours approved from another school system?
It is recommended that you contact your previous school system to help you resolve outstanding PD concerns before your records are moved to Chilton County.

23.  I have an Administrator/Instructional Leader certificate. What is required in the way of PD and/or PLUs to renew it?
1 PLU is recommended for each year. 5 PLUs are required to renew an Administrator/Instructional Leader certificate every 5 years.

24.  What are some options to earn PLUs for those who have an Administrator certificate?
PD opportunities with eLearning are provided by the ALSDE. Courses are FREE and completely online. The link is http://elearning.alsde.edu • CLAS has several options for earning PLUs that are ACLD approved and available for registration in STI PD. Contact CLAS for more information: www.clasleaders.org or 1-800-239-3616 • AEA offers its member numerous opportunities for PD through statewide conferences. At the conferences, members are offered workshops to initiate the process to further their professional knowledge and earn CEUs and PLUs for their certifications. For more information, the AEA PD link is: http://www.myaea.org/benefits/professional- development/ • There are several organizations who advertise opportunities to earn PLUs. PLUs must be ACLD approved and verified in STI-PD for recertification.

25.  Are PLUs currently being offered by the Chilton County School District?
Join the Aspiring Administrators Academy for more information. Administrators are encouraged to earn PLUs with eLearning. The ALSDE offers eLearning courses that are FREE and completely online. For more information visit: http://elearning.alsde.edu Also, refer to FAQ #25 for additional options to earn PLUs for anyone who has an Administrator certificate.

26.  I am an administrator. Since my local LEA is not offering any local PLUs, will the district pay for me to attend workshops to earn PLUs?
Administrators are encouraged to earn PLUs with eLearning. Currently, eLearning courses are FREE and completely online. Also, CLAS has several options for earning PLUs that are ACLD approved and available for registration in STI PD. If sufficient PD funds are available, Chilton County School District will allocate funds to help active Chilton County administrators attend the annual Summer CLAS Convention. The local LEA encourages professional growth for all employees; however, earning PLUs and monitoring PLU credits is your responsibility.

27.  Is Turn-Around Training required after attending a Professional Development Workshop?
If district or local PD funds are used to fund a PD session for an individual to attend, that person is expected to provide turn-around training for local school colleagues.

28.  Who is allowed to use local school PD funds?
Communicate with your principal regarding availability of local PD funds. If PD funds are available for our district, each local school will be allocated funds annually. (Local school CIPs Page 4 of 5 Chilton County Schools Professional Development Director: Nichelle Bulger-Johnson FAQ Created: July 18, 2014 must address how PD sessions will be funded. ) PD funds are allocated for core academic subject areas. Certified personnel who are approved to use local PD funds are expected to disseminate professional learning after attending a PD session.

29.  If I am using Career Tech funds to pay for PD, can my local school principal approve my PD form?
If Career Tech funds are being used for professional development or training, the local school principal will need to sign your PD form to approve your absence from the regular classroom and the Career Tech Director will need to sign also to approve using career tech funds to pay for the PD.

30.  How is an STI-PD account transferred for a new Chilton County BOE employee?
If you were previously employed in another school system in the State of Alabama and held an STI-PD or PS PL account, the following information needs to be sent to Dr. T.N. Johnson (nbulger@chiltonboe.com): full name, certificate number, name(s) used in previous system, previous system(s), previous school(s), new school in Chilton County, & new email address. After you submit the required information, you will be notified once the transfer is complete. (This process is completed with assistance from PowerSchool and may take 2 to 5 business days). It is recommended that you contact your previous school system to help you resolve outstanding PD concerns before you request to have your records moved to Chilton County. • If you were previously employed in a private school or in another school system outside the State of Alabama, an STI PD account will need to be created for you. The following information needs to be sent to Nichelle Bulger-Johnson (nbulger@chilton.k12.al.us ): full name, SSN, date of birth, new school in Chilton County, & school email address.

31.  I have forgotten how to log-In my PowerSchool account
The address for the website is http://alsde.truenorthlogic.com. Enter your username and password. Your local school PowerSchool Designee can help you with your username. Your password is protected (You are the only one who knows it.) If you have forgotten your password, just click the forgot password link to reset.